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titleDel-Mare was built at the beginning of the 1800’s during the time of the Ottomans to be used as a stable for elephants. Around the beginning of the 1900’s it was reconstructed and converted into a distillery following the addition of a chimney to it. Del-Mare is a stone building standing on the Bosphorus with its 200 years of history. Situated right next to the sea, this three-storey building attained its current look within a short time but through tremendous efforts. As for today; Del-Mare won the award of the Best Fish Restaurant on the Anatolian Side of the Bosphorus in 2004. In addition to its a-la carte menu, Del-Mare has hosted many company dinners, VIP events and weddings with its group-specific menus.

Del-Mare is not only envisioned as a famous fish restaurant with a mission, but it also accomplishes to be distinguished among the restaurants of Istanbul with its specialties from French, Italian, Spanish and Greek cuisines.




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